refused the breathalyzer

You Refused the Breathalyzer….Now What Do You Do to Help Your License from Being Revoked?

You went out and had a few, decided to drive and may have made a mistake.  At the police station you decided to refuse the chemical breath test.  Now in addition to other criminal court hearings, you have an administrative hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  This hearing will be held before an Administrative…

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new york move over law

New York’s “Move Over Law”

On January 1, 2012, New York’s “Move Over” law, went into effect and has been more aggressively enforced in the years that have passed since its enactment. Essentially, the law (VTL §1144-a) requires motorists passing stopped emergency  vehicles to take extra precautions to avoid collisions including moving their vehicles to an adjoining lane further away…

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dwi in new york states

What Makes a DWI a Felony in New York State

Make no mistake about it, a charge of DWI in New York State is a crime and carries with it serious consequences. A conviction for DWI (Vehicle and Traffic Law §1192(2) or 1192(3)) is a misdemeanor and carries with it the same range of potential sentences as any other misdemeanor crime in New York, including…

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conditional license, dwai, dwi

Convicted of DWI in New York: The Conditional License and the Impaired Driving Program

If you are unfortunate enough to be convicted of either Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) in New York State, your driver’s license must be suspended or revoked as a consequence. However, for a first time offender, you may still be able to drive for limited purposes until your license is…

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criminal record

Checking your own Criminal Record in New York

We are often asked questions by clients about whether a particular disposition of criminal charges will show up in future background checks they may undergo for employment purposes. While the extent and depth of any particular background check will always vary depending on an individual employer being a private entity or governmental entity, every person…

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