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Credit card fraud is a form of theft and often considered a "white collar crime." Like other larceny crimes, the severity of this allegation depends on the value of the allegedly stolen goods and/or services. Being charged with credit card fraud can bring lasting consequences to your reputation, future, and freedom. Our former prosecutors are ready to help you explore your defense options, protecting your rights after you have been accused or arrested.

When criminal defendants choose Team Green Lawyers, they can count on a vigilant, personalized approach to their case. We are well-versed in the strategies needed to take on charges involving credit card fraud crimes and how to communicate complicated "paper trail" concepts to a jury. If you have been accused, our firm is ready to speak with you.

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Understanding Credit Card Fraud Crimes

Credit card fraud involves using personal information of someone else and purchasing goods or services via their credit card without their knowledge or permission. There are various statutes that address possible credit card fraud charges.

These statutes include:

  • Credit card larceny and theft (NY PL §155.30(4))
  • Unlawful Use of a Credit, Debit, or Public Benefit Card (NY PL §165.17)
  • Possession of Stolen Property/Credit Cards (NY PL §165.45)
  • Theft of Services (NY PL §165.15)

Credit card theft charges often also involve other charges as well, including forgery and identity theft. If you have been accused, arrested, or charged with credit card fraud, the time to start exploring your legal options and working to protect yourself is now.

Stealing Credit Cards

It is difficult for people to physically steal credit cards and make purchases with them these days. Shop owners are encouraged to request the customer’s identification when he or she pays with a credit card. Moreover, some banks and credit card companies have started adding photographs of the cardholder’s face on the front of the card. While these security measures do not protect against online purchases with a stolen credit card, technology has advanced to the point where police can locate the computer where the purchases were made from.

Skimming and Cloning

The more common way people fall victim to credit card fraud is through skimming, phishing, and cloned cards. Skimming and cloning operate in similar ways; when your card is skimmed or cloned, it is swiped through a machine that saves your credit card or banking details. This machine usually looks like a normal card reader and can often be difficult to discern the difference. Skimmers work by extracting your card’s information through the magnetic strip on the back, where the data is unencrypted and unsecured. This information is then sent to a computer hacker who can use it to make illegal credit card purchases. Some criminals have become high-tech and are able to clone your credit card by making a dummy card with your skimmed information placed on it.


Another common way that credit card fraud occurs is through phishing. In this tactic, the thief does not actually steal information, but rather uses deception to have the victims send the thief their credit card details. This is usually done through phony emails, phone calls pretending to be a bank employee, or websites designed to look like the victim’s bank page. If anyone claiming to be a bank or credit card employee calls or sends an email asking for passwords, account numbers, and social security numbers, that person is likely phishing.

Defense for Credit Card Fraud Charges

While there are many different ways to commit credit card fraud, they generally have the same penalty. It does not matter whether someone physically stole the card, or used deception to obtain sensitive information, both acts are considered stealing. Usually, the amount of money stolen distinguishes felony and misdemeanor charges with credit card fraud. However, there are some states where illegally accessing somebody’s credit or bank card is an automatically felony. In some states, credit card fraud and identity theft can come with hefty fines and a 15-year prison sentence.

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