Convicted of DWI in New York: The Conditional License and the Impaired Driving Program

What is a Conditional License?

If you are unfortunate enough to be convicted of either Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) in New York State, your driver’s license must be suspended or revoked as a consequence. However, for a first time offender, you may still be able to drive for limited purposes until your license is restored. The Department of Motor Vehicles allows most first time offenders to drive under a Conditional License until their driving privileges are fully restored.

Circumstances for Using Your Conditional License

A conditional license allows a motorist to drive for limited purposes including:

  1. To and from work
  2. For work (excluding taxi drivers and those with a CDL)
  3. To and from a DMV office to conduct business with the state pertaining to your driver’s license
  4. To and from medical appointments for yourself and members of your family
  5. To and from a college or university if you are enrolled in classes
  6. To and from your child’s day care if it necessary for you to be able to work or attend college
  7. During a predetermined 3 hour block of time that you establish with DMV to allow to conduct other personal business

Conditional Licence Available in 30 days After DWI

conditional licenseFor first time offenders a conditional license is available 30 days after your arraignment on DWI charges where a court has suspended your license pending prosecution until your case is resolved in court. Following a conviction for either DWI or DWAI, you will once again be eligible for a conditional license, subject to your enrollment and completion of the DMV’s Impaired Driving Program (IDP). Any person convicted of an alcohol related driving offense will be ordered by the court to attend and complete the IDP as a condition of their sentence. The IDP is a 7 week long DWI recidivism reduction program administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The course consists of 7 classes utilizing classroom instruction, lectures and videos aimed in preventing motorists from repeating further episodes of impaired driving. The total expense of the course is $275.00. At the time of enrolling at DMV, $75 is due to obtain your conditional license and $200 is due at your first scheduled class to cover tuition for the seven weeks of instruction.

New York Impaired Driver Program

While enrollment and completion of the IDP is mandatory for those convicted of DWI or DWAI, there is further incentive for the timely completion of the program. For a first time offender, a conviction of DWI carries a mandatory 6 month revocation of your driver’s license. A first time DWAI conviction carries a mandatory 90 day suspension of your license. However, DMV regulations allow for a person’s driving privileges to be fully restored to their pre-arrest status once they completed the IDP, even though the full 90 day suspension period or 6 month revocation period has not yet run.

Restoring Driving Privileges Through CDL

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