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Criminal Lawyers from Syracuse, New York

Criminal Lawyers from Syracuse know that Domestic violence is a problem that invokes an emotional response and as a result judgment and harsh punishment often follows such an accusation. If you’re facing domestic charges in Central New York we can help. Our team understands the complicated nature of these types of cases and we know how to help you and your family recover from this incident. Whether you are the victim or you have been accused, we can help you with the right services and advice that can help your situation. Our seasoned attorneys can provide a free consultation regarding your situation whether it is domestic violence, assault or other criminal law issue. Team Green Lawyers provides comprehensive representation to ours clients in an effort to resolve their criminal charges and make sure we address the underlying issues that may have contributed to the arrest.

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Domestic violence gets a lot of national attention. Take for example the lawsuit slapped against an ex-NFL Quarterback, Johnny Manziel. The reports stemmed from Manziel’s girlfriend who was the victim of the domestic violence. Attorney Robert Hinton, Manziel’s lawyer, accidentally sent a text message to a reporter which leaked and relayed it to Associated Press. The message goes: “Heaven help us if one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle.” The situation is already worse than it was with the past records of Manziel breaking and committing misdemeanors and the files charged for domestic violence. Despite the fact that cases like Manziel’s stir up national attention they do very little to address the underlying factors. Many cases involving domestic abuse involve drug or alcohol addiction. For those people who truly want to change their behavior and solve the underlying problems so that they can change their lives for the better, Team Green Lawyers can help. The attorneys at Team Green Lawyers understand what it takes to help someone handle their criminal charges and also help them rebuild their life or recover from the collateral consequences of an arrest.

Criminal Defense Lawyers from Syracuse

The Criminal Defense Attorneys at Team Green Lawyers represent their clients and fight to get the best outcome possible. One of the defense lawyers from our ranks is Scott A. Brenneck, the Managing Partner of the Team Green Lawyers from Syracuse, New York. He works tirelessly to make sure our clients get the best representation possible. Our team has decades of experience in and out of the courtroom. We understand the skills required to be effective negotiators as well and aggressive trial advocates.

Scott Brenneck is a former Assistant District Attorney at the Onondaga District Attorney’s Office located in Onondaga County, Central New York. He handled criminal cases from investigation to arrest and from arrest to conviction. As an Assistant District Attorney, Scott Brenneck focused on violent crimes at the Felony Trial Unit prosecuting cases that included burglaries, robberies, assaults and illegal possession of weapons. He prosecuted multiple persistent Violent Felony Offenders who were sentenced to life in prison. He also worked on cases involving illegal drugs, DWI, and homicide. If you have trouble in defending your case, Scott Brenneck and the team at Team Green Lawyers from Syracuse, New York can help.

Team Green Criminal Lawyers from Syracuse, New York will apply their expertise employing their experience negotiating for law breakers for an appropriate arraignment to the best of their abilities. Employing their experience in prosecution, they are the best criminal lawyers from Syracuse you can ask for.

New program providing legal help for New Yorkers facing criminal charges

New York State administrators will be providing criminal lawyers to its citizens charged with criminal offenses. The program aims to pursue arraignment proceedings by providing court appointed criminal lawyers in defense of the accused. Those charged with a crime will have a free lawyer provided to them for their initial appearance in front of a judge. The person, if eligible, then has the option to stay with his free lawyer or retain private counsel.

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The arraignment proceedings will have its pilot programs initiated in Broome, Oneida, Onondaga, and Washington Counties that includes the evenings and off duty hours. If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime you can contact a lawyer before the appearance in front of a judge. Doing this in advance helps everyone be prepared to present the information needed to get the best result regardless of the stage of the proceeding, whether it is an arraignment or just a pre-trial report.

The experienced lawyers at Team Green Lawyers understand what needs to be done at every stage of the proceeding and we know how to prepare and present your case to achieve the best outcome possible. Give us a call and you will understand the difference our experience makes.

Drug Related Crimes in New York

Addicts in the Central New York Area grew in numbers and so did the number of addicting substances, reports Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office. Complementing the rise of addicts and opiates is the increase of crime and drug related violence across the county and specifically in Central New York.

The Counties in the Central part of New York formulated new strategies in the program to save addicts from sliding further to the bottomless pit. Some of the recovery strategies implemented by Onondaga County are access to vivitrol injections and drug counseling sessions in jail or out of jail that facilitates recovery and breaks the cycle of recidivism.

For best results with the Vivitrol treatment, addicts should be opiate free from seven to 14 days. Reports show that relapse decreased by 30%

Team Green Criminal Lawyers from Syracuse has represented hundreds of clients suffering with addiction. We have the knowledge and experience to help them with their criminal charges and their addiction.