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Texting While Driving: More Smartphones, More Tickets, More Reasons To Be Prepared

Texting While Driving: More Smartphones, More Tickets, More Reasons To Be Prepared:

More Americans than ever before own a Smartphone thus more cases of Texting while driving. With 35% of people in the United States owning a smartphone in 2011, that number has more than doubled in the last six years with more than 77% joining the mobile revolution. However, that is not the only number that has increased in recent years. The proliferation of smartphones has caused texting ticket numbers to rise every year since 2011 in New York State. Nearly 4,000 tickets were issued to motorists in Onondaga County for cell phone usage while driving in 2015. In fact, the distracted driving epidemic has increased so rapidly that April has been recognized as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. As these trends increase, so should your awareness and preparation. Team Green Lawyers is here to help you do exactly that.

Operation Hang Up

As part of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, New York State Police issued a five-day crackdown on distracted driving with an emphasis on drivers using electronic devices. This special enforcement effort, named “Operation Hang Up”, resulted in a total of 15,104 issued tickets, including 2,005 for distracted driving, 4,487 for speeding, 148 for move over law and 596 for seat belt violations. New York State Troopers also arrested 206 people for DWI and investigated 129 personal injury crashes.

Current New York State law includes the following penalties for distracted drivers:

  • For a first offense, the minimum fine is $50 and the maximum is $200
  • A second offense in 18 months increases the maximum fine to $250
  • A third offense in 18 months results in a maximum fine of $450
  • Probationary and junior drivers face a 120-day suspension of their license for a first offense, and one-year revocation of their permit or license if a second offense is committed within six months.

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