Out of State Traffic Tickets

The odds of getting an out-of-state traffic ticket are on the rise as we become more and more mobile. Most drivers are unclear as to what the consequences are if you receive a traffic ticket in another state. What actions do you have to take? How does this transfer to your NYS driver’s license? It is important to understand how an out of state ticket will affect your New York driving record in order to appropriately decide what actions to take in addressing your ticket.

Will I Receive Points on My Record?

The New York State DMV doesn’t record traffic violations received out of state. The exception to this is for commercial vehicles, or violations received in Ontario or Quebec, Canada. This means that for most out of state traffic tickets, no points will be added to your New York license. While this may not affect the points on your NY license you still have to pay applicable fines and surcharges in the state that issued the ticket. As a result, the ticket could impact your insurance premiums depending on your insurance company. Depending on the severity of the offense, the state that the ticket was issued could suspend or revoke the offender’s privilege to drive in that state while possessing an out-of-state license.

How Will an Out-Of-State Traffic Ticket Affect Me?

Some drivers think that an out of state traffic tickets won’t affect them. That is a big mistake. What would be a simple traffic infraction in New York might be a misdemeanor in other states. As a result, anyone issued a ticket out of their home state should consult an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to make sure the infraction isn’t a crime. Also, if you ignore a traffic ticket from another state, your license will be suspended not just in that state, but in New York State as well. There are a few exceptions, however in most cases failure to answer the ticket will cause suspension in both states. Your license will remain suspended until you have answered the traffic ticket.

Can I Contest a Traffic Ticket?

What if you want to contest a traffic ticket or attempt to get the ticket reduced? While some state courts will allow you to contest a traffic ticket through a written affidavit, other state courts require you to be present for a court appearance. This can be inconvenient or impossible depending on where the ticket was received, as well as the time you need to take off from work to travel and appear in court. In these instances it is important to consult an experienced traffic attorney. Each state has varying laws on how a driver can plead or contest through mail or in person, and an experienced traffic lawyer can help you to understand what your options are based on which state and the violation of which you have been accused.

Free Case Analysis with an Experienced Traffic Attorney Syracuse, NY

Whether you have ignored an out of state traffic tickets and are now facing a suspended license, or are attempting to contest a ticket, consulting an experienced traffic attorney is the smartest move you can make. Team Green Lawyers will help you to understand the implications of your violation, as well as your options for resolving the violation.

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