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Do You Need a DWI Lawyer?

YES. Despite how common DWI arrests have become, despite the fact that your neighbor’s brother-in-law said that all first-time DWIs get reduced and despite the fact that the police officer told you that since it is your first offense you shouldn’t worry because the charges will be reduced. The answer is still YES, you need a lawyer. You need a good lawyer. While it is true that DWI has become very common and that many first offense DWIs are reduced that has no bearing on your case. Every case is different and requires a qualified lawyer to review the fact, the law and your situation to ensure the best outcome possible.

A reduction of your charges may sound like a good outcome but not if there was the possibility of a better outcome. You need an experienced DWI attorney to make sure you are treated fairly and get the best outcome possible. Any of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) or Impaired (DWAI) by drugs or alcohol charge that you get from the police needs to be taken very seriously.

Getting charged with something like a DWI can have very harsh effects on the rest of your life, potentially influencing your job status, your financial ability, and your freedom. Many people today do not think of these as serious charges and do little to defend themselves against the charges, not considering the dire consequences that can await them. If you find yourself facing DWI charges you need a Syracuse DWI lawyer to defend you in court.


Facing Charges Alone

Unfortunately, If you are charged with a DWI by the police it presumed that you were intoxicated because the officer or his machine say so. That harsh reality brings forth several other difficult situations; your arraignment, the suspension of your license, arguing for bail so you can go home and resolving the charges without impacting your job, your license or your future. If you are convicted of DWI, the conviction can lead to substantial fines, the suspension or revocation of you driving license (or privilege), mandatory installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID), probation or even jail time.

Getting a Lawyer Changes Things

All of that can happen to you when you do not have a lawyer working to defend you. A qualified lawyer knows how to evaluate your case and find whatever weaknesses there may be. In New York there are several ways to defend a DWI charge. If you take the time to hire an experienced attorney that deals with DWI cases regularly, you are more likely to have a better chance in court. Your lawyer will work on your behalf to get the best outcome possible and avoid the potentially life changes consequences that can come with A DWI conviction.

If you or someone you know are facing a DWI or DWAI then you need to make sure you have the right lawyer on your side to defend you. Your attorney will help you understand your case, defend yourself and protect your future. Call TEAM GREEN LAWYERS at (315) 215-0517 and see what a difference experience makes.