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New York's Not Taking the Backseat on Alcohol and Drug Addiction Problems

New York is on the ball – particularly on setting up new programs to help those battling drug addiction or substance abuse. Governor Cuomo has just announced the launch of the latest addition to the search tool which would help New Yorkers struggling with substance abuse and drug addiction.

An Upgraded Search Tool for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

The Governor’s Office just released news on the newly upgraded Internet-based search platform where drug-dependent or drug addicts can access the OASAS Treatment Availability Dashboard. This dashboard can connect any individual to an array of services provided by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services specifically to address drug addiction. Services include care and crisis management for those suffering from drug addiction, substance abuse, and alcoholism. The services may be provided in the form of inpatient care, residential care, and outpatient care. They can also avail of the various programs on opioid treatment.

Accessing this mobile-friendly online platform, any individual can find information about drug addiction, treatment providers, health insurance professionals, and other professionals. Even specific queries such as bed availability can also be checked online and information can be obtained in real-time. Governor Cuomo explained that addiction is a disease that can strike anyone, it is imperative to ensure that any New Yorkers can seek help and know where to find help. It is the objective of the program to offer localized information that is constantly updated to provide people who are addicted to illegal drugs and illegal substance with resources they need for recovery.

The expanded platform is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and people suffering from drug addiction can easily access the aforementioned resources via Search features also highlight proximity searches, which means information can be filtered based on the location, gender, city, age, and the zip code of the searcher. All search results also show contact information so the individual seeking help on drug addiction may contact the provider immediately to confirm the availability of the services. For those accessing the website via their mobile phones, simply tap on the number and a call will be automatically established.

Without any doubt, the problems on possession and use of an illegal substance and the addiction to drugs and alcohol are two of the problems that the State government wish to address. New York is also making immense efforts to utilize innovative technology solution to improve its services to every New Yorker. Moreover, it is also an indication that New York State remains committed to responding to the real needs of it’s citizens.

The expanded dashboard is also regarded as the latest addition to the statewide efforts of the Governor to address the public health crisis of heroin, opioid, and illegal substance abuse. Since 2014, Governor Cuomo has also laid out treatment programs in areas such as the Bronx, Albany, Syracuse, Rome, Plattsburgh, Watertown, and Peekskill. In addition, there are also additional programs that aim to help more drug addicts and alcoholics in Oswego, Troy, and Utica. Aside from the expanded dashboard, the New York’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services has also established about 130 additional treatment beds in counties like Niagara, Suffolk, Albany, Staten Island, and Westchester. The Office of Governor has also asked help of the public to disseminate information and help their loved ones who are in dire need of help.


New York’s #CombatAddiction Ads

Aside from strengthening the on-line platform to help those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, New York has also launched several ads to support its #CombatAddiction campaign. The advertisements aim to raise awareness of the several programs available to helpfight addiction of different forms – alcohol and illegal substance. From the second week of December, New Yorkers will come across radio ads, expanded airtime ads, and print ads that place chief focus on dissemination information about the resources available on drug addiction across the entire state.

Among the first ads launched are the public service announcements aired on both English and Spanish radios. Other digital ads started to be shown last October when the #CombatAddiction was officially launched. According to Governor Cuomo, the campaign and the series of ads all target to achieve the aim of building healthier and safer New York for all its residents.

All ads related to the said campaign will continue to run until the 16th of January in 2017. The State Government of New York also aims to unite the people and encourage them to come together to battle addiction. The campaign will also include wall scapes across Manhattan and Bronx. In addition, advertisements will be placed in the interior of the buses across Syracuse, Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester.

Governor Cuomo also revealed that they particularly chose the season to launch the campaign as the holiday seasons is deemed one of the most difficult for those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. The people behind the campaign fervently hope that the program itself would inspire families, communities, and individuals to take actions and to offer support through the provided addiction treatments. More importantly, they wish to put across an important message – that alcohol and drug addiction can be treated and people can recover from them with the right support.

New York Boosts Funding to Combat Opioid and Heroin Addiction

Earlier this month, the New York Governor announced a funding equivalent to $3.8 million to finance the ongoing efforts of the state to combat drug addiction. The funding shall also be utilized to support the Peer Engagement Specialist and the Family Support Navigators and to address the addiction epidemic in the local communities in the entire State. Community coalitions will also be supported by the funding.

The State of New York is sending a clear message – that they will not take a backseat when it comes to resolving the problems on alcohol and drug addiction. The results and the impacts of these initiatives will be checked and help shape and improve future programs to combat addiction of all types in New York State.