Why You Should not Just Pay That Traffic Ticket in Madison County, NY

Getting a traffic ticket is going to have a negative impact on your day. Whether it is a ticket for running a red light, failure to yield, speeding or some other traffic infraction does not matter. Once you get the ticket, you will be in a bad mood afterward and probably will not even want to look at it for a time. Once you pick it up you may resign yourself to just paying the fine and mailing it in so that you can dispose of the problem and move on. Before you sign that check and put it in the mail, think twice about what you are doing. There are reasons why you may not want just to pay that traffic ticket in Madison County, NY.

There are Financial Consequences for getting a traffic ticket

There are financial consequences for you to consider when you are dealing with a traffic ticket. Yes, there is the cost of the ticket itself, which may be just a few dollars or could be hundreds of dollars, depending on the violation you have. However, once you send in your ticket and payment, it is an admission of guilt on your part before the court, even if you do not go to the court. This means points are going to be levied against your driver’s license, which in turn will lead to your insurance company raising your car insurance rates. Depending on the nature of the violation, your insurance rates can go up dramatically, costing you hundreds or even thousands of more dollars each year.

Other Risks to Consider

When you just pay your traffic ticket in Madison County, NY, the violation goes on your driver’s record for a number of years. While you may not initially have concerns about this, if you rely on your driver’s license to help you earn your living it could have a negative impact on you. Any future job that you may apply for will check your driving record and see that you have violations against your license. This information may prevent them from considering you or hiring you for the job.

Talk to a Lawyer

Before you go ahead and pay that traffic ticket in Madison County, NY, it might be a good idea for you to talk to us at Team Green Lawyers. We can go over the ticket with you, explain the ramifications of paying it and discuss options with you that may help get it handled without you ever having to appear in a courtroom. You can contact our office at (315) 215-0517 to arrange a consultation so that we can speak with you, discuss your ticket and explore the best solutions for you.