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College Student Traffic Tickets

You packed up the car, you said your goodbyes, and you sent them off to college. You thought of everything from laundry detergent to toothpaste to snacks for those late night cram sessions in the library. So when you get the call saying they got pulled over and got a ticket on their way to college, and realize that you might not have thought of quite everything, what do you do next? Down below you’ll see in detail steps college students can do to deal with traffic tickets.

What If You Ignore It?

Starting off a new chapter of life at college can make it appealing to brush aside traffic tickets. How much harm could ignoring one traffic ticket cause anyways? A LOT. A traffic ticket does not disappear simply because you fail to respond to it. Ignoring a traffic ticket can result in the suspension of your child’s driver’s license. Getting this suspension lifted costs $70 in court fees for each traffic ticket received leading to the suspension.

So what if they choose not to get their license reinstated? If you get pulled over operating a vehicle with a suspended driver’s license you can be charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle 3rd Degree. Not only would your child be facing a misdemeanor charge, which carries a hefty fine and even possible jail time, but also they still have to deal with the initial traffic ticket. To further complicate things, if the initial ticket was received in a different county/state than the Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle 3rd Degree violation you now need to go between two separate prosecutor’s offices and courts to resolve the tickets/charges.

Calling a traffic violations lawyer right away can help to avoid these compounding charges. However, if you do find yourself or your child facing escalating charges due to an ignored ticket you need an experienced traffic lawyer to help you understand and resolve the charges. Not only can a traffic lawyer provide legal advice, they can advocate for your bests interests and help you to navigate what can be a confusing legal process.

What If You Pay the Traffic Tickets

It might seem like one traffic ticket isn’t a big deal. Why not just mail it in, pay the fine, and get on with your life? Depending on the ticket, pleading guilty to the traffic violation may lead to points on your child’s license. Many insurance companies review driving records on a regular basis. A traffic ticket and points on your license can cause insurance rates to go up significantly. If you have a history of traffic tickets you may even face having your insurance terminated. A traffic lawyer may be able to negotiate with a prosecutor and judge for a reduced ticket with lower fines, and in some cases, they may be able to get the ticket dismissed. They can also help you to avoid points on your license by negotiating for a violation that carries fewer points than the initial ticket, or possibly no points at all.

Act Immediately, Call Team Green Lawyer

If you or your child receives a traffic ticket it is imperative to get in touch with a traffic violations lawyer who can advise you on how to achieve the best outcome. Team Green Lawyers can help you understand your charges, their possible ramifications, and the next steps toward their resolution. Team Green Lawyers is a group of former prosecutors with decades of experience navigating the proceedings and legal practices in the courtroom. Team Green Lawyers offers a free case analysis, and is committed to providing a top-notch defense for all clients. If you or your child has received a traffic ticket do not hesitate to call Team Green Lawyers.