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Blog Posts in November, 2016

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  • College Student Traffic Tickets
    College Student Traffic Tickets

    You packed up the car, you said your goodbyes, and you sent them off to college. You thought of everything from laundry detergent to toothpaste to snacks for those late night cram sessions in the ...

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  • DUI Checkpoints
    DUI Checkpoints

    In 2011 police in Queens, New York set up sobriety checkpoints, otherwise known as DUI checkpoints, as part of what they called “Step Out” surveillance. Set up on service road connecting the Long ...

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  • Fatal DUI wrecked seven people's lives in Clarksville Pike, Tennessee
    Fatal DUI wrecked seven people's lives in Clarksville Pike, Tennessee

    Chasity Perry, an emergency medical technician from Nashville Fire Department would have not imagined that her life and those of six others will change due to a fatal DUI accident June 6. It was an ...

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  • The Ignition Interlock Device
    The Ignition Interlock Device

    Leandra’s Law made ignition interlock device mandatory In November 2009, Leandra’s Law went into effect in New York State. This new law was created in honor of Leandra Rosado, killed when the vehicle ...

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  • Scrutinize Your Credit Report
    Scrutinize Your Credit Report

    In the financial world, your credit card report will tell a whole lot more about your private life than what you have probably thought of. Do not be one of the many credit card holders who overlook to ...

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  • Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring: SCRAM
    Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring: SCRAM

    In an age when our criminal justice system is overburdened, and our jails and prisons are overcrowded, technology has found a way to meet the need to protect the community and still offer continuous ...

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