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Marijuana Law: Facing Marijuana Charges? Call an Attorney

Unlawful possession of marijuana can lead to a number of problems, even in New York where the laws are not as strict as other states. While New York has a medical marijuana program, New York marijuana law still cites various misdemeanor and felony charges for possessing marijuana unlawfully.

New York Marijuana Law

Marijuana Law

Fortunately, the state of New York does not classify marijuana as a controlled substance. While this does not mean that it is legal to be in possession of marijuana, it does mean that the punishment is not as severe as other controlled substances. If you are caught possessing heroin, cocaine, or illegally purchased pharmaceuticals, you may face much stiffer penalties. Furthermore, if you do find yourself charged with an offense related to marijuana, it is possible that a criminal defense attorney can negotiate a reduced penalty. While it is true that possessing less than 25 grams of marijuana is a fine-able offense, repeat offenders run the risk of harsher penalties and jail time. In addition, convictions can still lead to disciplinary actions at work or school or the ineligibility for university financial aid. Because of this, it is imperative to consult a defense attorney to help navigate the legal system.

If you find yourself charged with marijuana possession, a good attorney can help you in a number of ways. First, he or she can negotiate with the prosecutor on your behalf. In some cases, you can have your fine reduced or changed to community service. A lawyer may be able to find a defense in the law or equity that can result in a reduction of your charges or maybe even a dismissal. According to New York law, police officers must be able to legally justify any search and seizure. With the help of a good defense attorney, you may be able to challenge the merits or you arrest and any subsequent search or seizure of your property. In most cases, simple possession of marijuana comes with a fine for a first-time offense. However, if you are in possession of a significant amount of marijuana the potential penalties are much more severe and could include a felony conviction, probation or jail time. Anytime you are charged with possessing a drug illegally it is a serious charge, and you should immediately seek consultation with a criminal defense attorney before making any decisions.

Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Oregon Marijuana Law

After Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon legalized cannabis for recreational use, there have been many political discussions around the legality of marijuana. While it is true that government on the federal and state levels have talked about legalizing marijuana, it is still illegal in the majority of states. Being convicted of possession can negatively impact your future, along with potentially putting you in a difficult financial situation. Moreover, if you are a resident from one of the four states where marijuana is legal, it is important to keep in mind that the rest of the United States might not be as accepting of cannabis as your home state.

Remember,initial attorney consultations are often free. If you find yourself charged with unlawfully or criminal possession of marijuana, it is important to talk to an attorney. Regardless of the severity of the charge an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you get the best outcome possible.