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Drunk Driving Can Cost You More than Money

With spring just around the corner (except in Central New York!!), many Americans will be spending more time camping and cooking outdoors. There, they will socialize outside, drink their favorite beer or cocktails and enjoy the weather. As a result, springtime also brings a surge of DWI/DUI traffic stops.

Most people recognize that driving while under the influence is dangerous and irresponsible. Every time you choose to operate your vehicle after consuming alcohol, you put yourself and others at serious risk. Furthermore, you risk expensive fines, having your license suspended, and maybe serving time in jail. Not to mention all the other collateral professional and personal consequences.

You Can Lose Your Job

However, we also know that alcohol can impair your judgement. As a result, many times people don’t think clearly about the consequences of their actions when they choose to drive home after drinking a couple beers or cocktails. It isn’t until after the mistake is made that the reality of the situation can hit you like a ton of bricks. But aside the criminal punishment and the license sanctions, many employers will not tolerate drunk drivers representing their companies. There are a number of companies and employers who have a zero tolerance policy. Many of these companies take action based upon the arrest regardless of whether or not the charges are reduced or dismissed. If you work in a field that requires driving to perform the essential duties of your job like commercial truck driver, sales, marketing or on-site technical service, you can certainly expect for a DWI/DUI arrest to affect your career.

DUI Can Destroy Your Ability To Make a Living

Besides losing your current job, there are a number of other ways that getting aDUI can destroy your ability to make a living. One example is that although a conditional license may let you drive to work it does not allow you to drive to look for work. As a result, if your license is suspended because you have been charged with DWI and you are fired from your current job you may not be able to drive to job interviews or even drive at all. If you are fortunate enough to be invited for a new job interview and you find a way to get yourself there, you face the difficult situation of dealing with the impact of your arrest with a prospective new employer.

truck driver

DUI and DWI Ruins a Truck Driver

Commercial truck drivers are amongst the professionals hardest hit by DWI/DUI regulations. The legal limit while operating a commercial vehicle is 0.04 BAC much lower than non-commercial drivers on the road. I think most would agree if you are operating a commercial vehicle even one drink is too many. Another significant consequence for CDL drivers is that although a non-commercial driver charged with DWI/DUI may get a conditional license to drive for work there is no such thing as a conditional commercial driver’s license. If you drive a vehicle that requires a CDL for your employment and you are charged with a DWI/DUI you will not be able to drive for work if your license is suspended. In addition, a conviction for any alcohol or drugged related driving offense will result in the suspension or revocation of your CDL for at least one year. Furthermore, two convictions can result in a lifetime revocation of your CDL. For these reasons, DWI attorneys across the country recommend that professional drivers completely abstain from consuming alcohol on days that they are scheduled to work and the nights before their scheduled shift.

If you are not a CDL driver and you work for a company that does not have a zero-tolerance policy, you can still be at risk of losing your job after being charged with DWI/DUI. Facing this type of charge requires taking time off from work to go to court, meet with your attorney, get an alcohol evaluation and possible attend mandatory DMV classes or alcohol counseling. This can become very time-consuming, and you might be required to take a number of days from work. Depending on your eployer this may or may not be a manageable situation.

The consequences of being charged with a DWI/DUI can be devastating. The best thing for you to do is drive responsibly, or utilize transportation services like taxis and Uber. However, if you do find yourself charged for drunk driving, make sure to find an experienced DWI defense lawyer who has the knowledge to help you get the best outcome possible.

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