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The Rise of the Formidable W-18 drug Invades America

A formidable W-18 drug is said to be 10 times more powerful than morphine is now slowly invading the United States. This artificial drug named W-18 came from Canada and is considered by doctors to be fatal when ingested even in a small amount.

W-18 is created as Morphine Substitute

The infamous drug, in reality, is not entirely new. In fact, it was created three decades ago to replace morphine. It was a drug which was intended to alleviate pain without making the patient addicted to it. It was invented at the University of Alberta and was licensed in America and Canada sometime in 1984.

At the time it was created, w-18 was considered to be so strong it was not considered much for treatment and care purposes. Moreover, no pharmaceutical companies expressed any interest in it, so it was left unused and was forgotten about for a period of time until a Chinese chemist learned about it. The formulation was brought to China and was soon reproduced for people wanting affordable but extra strong drugs.

At present, however, this powerful drug has crept its way back into the hands of unlawful drug dealers and users. Such a scenario brings a serious threat of the danger of massive overdoses.

W-18 is similar to heroine but more powerful than fentanyl

W-18 is an artificial narcotic that is a brain reactive substance and opiate similar to heroin, but is a hundred times more powerful than fentanyl. Concerns from the US public may rise as this power drug related to fentanyl causes a rising mortality rate in Canada. According to Vice News, in the span of five years from 2009 to 2014, there has been approximately 655 deaths in Canada related to fentanyl abuse.

W-18 was formally prohibited in Sweden on the January 26, 2016. It is yet to be banned in America or Canada, unlike fentanyl which is already a controlled drug in those countries. CNC news reported that the first W-18 discovery in Canada happened on August 2015 when police officers in Calgary discovered a cargo containing 110 drug pills suspected of containing fentanyl. In that same cargo, a small number of pills were also found having traces of W-18.

Another incident happened when a 2.5 pounds of W-18 was found in the residence of a man in Florida. He pleaded guilty to shipping fentanyl from China and was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Ironically, he was not accountable for any charges for his illegal possession of W-18 because the drug was not considered illegal yet in this country.


If you or someone you know is charged with illegal possession of W-18 or other similar illegal drugs, contact for further assistance.

W-18 plus Fentanyl is Deadly

Authorities from Canada have warned illegal drug users that pills having a mixture of fentanyl and W-18 is a deadly combination. A forensic chemist from Sacramento, Brian Escamilla, stated that whenever those drugs begin to circulate in the neighborhood, then surely there will be deaths. One of the worries of health officers is that there are no formal tests to identify the drug in a user’s blood or urine sample. This makes it hard for doctors to give assistance to people who are in need of help especially those who are already in the critical overdose stage.

A representative from the Calgary Police Service Drug Unit has said that authorities believe W-18 is sourced by China. They also suspect that an organized crime is behind the shipment of fentanyl which may be highly connected to the shipment of W-18.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama also believes that the rise of deaths and the increased abuse of drugs is due, in part, to a weak southern border. He emphasized that being a defenseless border, a continuous supply of cheap smuggled drugs passes into the country easily.

To date, no formal statement regarding the dangers of W-18 has been made by the Drug Enforcement Administration. A spokesman from the DEA also told the Calgary Sun that it is still unclear how far the drug has penetrated into America.