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Medical Marijuana Is a New York Fable

Medical marijuana has been recorded to have a number of health benefits. Although Medical research has only recently acknowledged the many benefits of marijuana some in the medical field are calling it a miracle drug. The trend extends far beyond the laboratory, 23 states now offer medical marijuana in some capacity. Vermont was recently in the news for being the first state to potentially legalize marijuana through legislation rather than referendum. However, not all State Legislatures are convinces. some states like New York State are making it increasingly difficult for patients to receive treatment with marijuana.

New York is afraid to follow California

Lawmakers are afraid that New York will follow in California’s footsteps, where virtually anybody can get a prescription for marijuana. As a result, New York State law only permits 20 medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in the state of entire state. Even if you are able to get a prescription, getting access to one of the dispensaries could be difficult depending on where you live.

Because of the fear of potential legal implications, many healthcare providers opt out of participating in New York’s medical marijuana plan. Doctors are afraid that insurance like Medicare will not cover the program, and they are often reluctant to take cash from the patients. Moreover, many hospitals are worried that participating in the medical marijuana program will put them at risk to lose federal funding.

Where to go from here?

With many state governments talking about legalizing marijuana in their home states, the United States Government is more likely to ease up on marijuana restrictions overall. As with many issues that border politics, culture and medicine the People will most likely have their voice heard through a vote or some sort of legislation. Anyone concerned about the future of medical marijuana in New York should contact your local legislator and share your thoughts with him/her on the issue.

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