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Domestic Violence - Keeping Families Safe

In an effort to reduce the Domestic Violence burden placed upon the New York State court systems, the state has introduced a new method of dealing with family affairs. This system, known as New York’s Integrated Domestic Violence courts (IDV), allows one judge to preside over multiple cases with different subject matter so long as parties involved also have a family court petition pending. The “one family-one judge” model means that the same judge will oversee criminal and family court matters for all parties who have cases pending in family court. New York has chosen to assign one judge to each family case for a number of reasons, including the following: ● To deliver swift verdicts regarding domestic violence disputes. ● Promoting consistency and efficiency in the courtroom. ● Reducing the burden on both the victims and the court. ● Having only one judge means that he or she can make informed decisions about the case.

Integrated Domestic Violence Courts

Proponents of Integrated Domestic Violence courts say that by virtue of having only one judge presiding over the case, he or she has a deeper understanding of the problems between the plaintiff and defendant. This means that the judgements often hold the defendant more accountable for his or her actions. Moreover, by working with the same judge, the victim is usually able to have more of a voice in the legal process. Being able to plead your case to a judge who already has background knowledge of your situation can be quite beneficial.

IDV Motivations

One of the biggest motivations of creating the Integrated Domestic Violence court is so that judgements can be reached quickly and efficiently. Moreover, by using the same judge to preside over all domestic issues with one family, it will be easier for him or her to coordinate with the social service agencies such as drug and alcohol treatment programs, anger management, and probation officers.

Designed to Protect Family

While Integrated Domestic Violence courts have not shown to decrease the amount of domestic violence cases across the state of New York, they have functioned as a way to protect people from a violent or abusive family member. They have been so successful at keeping families safe that a number of other states have also adopted the method. In Oklahoma, which has some of the most alarming domestic violence statistics in the country, the Integrated Domestic Violence courts have been hailed as a great success.

Domestic Violence is a Huge Problem

Domestic violence is a huge problem that has been plaguing homes throughout the United States for decades For example, between the years 2001 and 2012, 11,766 women were murdered by their partner or former partner. That is almost double the amount of military personnel who were killed in combat during that same period. If you or someone you know is a victim of ongoing domestic violence, seek help at the local shelter and contact the police. Many states have a zero-tolerance policy regarding domestic disputes, and will often make one of the partners leave the house for the evening if a domestic disturbance has been reported.

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