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Credit Card Number was Stolen

A man was robbed with his credit card number twice in consecutive weeks, it can happen to you too.

The owner found out that he was a victim of fraud when he was paying for a purchase and his card got declined by the store associate saying that he had already reached his credit limit. Amid his confusion, the man received a call from Visa fraud protection service. He was informed that his credit number was stolen and had a total of $150 worth of transactions which were not his. He deactivated his card was reissued another one.


After less than a week, the same incident happened and this time his American Express card was reported as making charges in South Africa while the actual card was with him all the while. This time he was directed to visit the American Express Security Center online.

There are several ways as to how a credit card number can be hijacked. It can be that a skimmer device was attached to an ATM or to other places where customers swipe their credit card. This may include taxis or stores which collect credit card information in just a swipe.

Fraud Alert

In such cases, credit card owners will be alerted with a call flashing the 800 hotline number from the credit card provider or company. If this is not the case and you discovered on your own that you were victimized, then you can request for a credit card freeze and a fraud alert immediately.

Fraud Alert is placed on your credit report to notify possible creditors or lenders so they can take the necessary actions to protect you. It notifies the three credit bureaus, namely Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Once they are alerted any attempt to open a new credit line whether it be in the form of a credit card, mortgage or loan, the issuer is compelled to follow up with more questions and steps to confirm your authority on the request. Alerting them is free and will last for 3 months. In addition, placing a fraud alert gives you the chance to check your credit report for free.

Security Freeze

In contrast, applying for a security freeze prevents the three bureaus from releasing your credit report without your authorization. Just bear in mind that a security freeze might slow down or prevent the approval of any future application on a new loan, insurance, credit payments, mortgage and other services.

Once you apply for a security freeze, you will be given a password or a pin number which you can use to lift the freeze or to just temporarily release your credit report to someone. To authorize a temporary release, you should contact the agency and provide sufficient identification, your PIN number and a statement indicating your motive for the release.

Look for a Lawyer


Such an application may require you to pay a fee depending on where you reside. Fees entail both security freeze and the temporary unfreezing to apply for new credit. However, if your Credit Card Number was stolen and a proven victim of identity theft you can get a credit freeze for free. Do not wait until you have become a victim of fraudsters. If you are one and or want to inquire on procedures, do not hesitate to get in touch with Team Green Lawyers at