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Stormy Keffeler, Miss Washington USA, dethroned due to DUI

Stormy Keffeler stepped down from her title after only a month of holding the crown due to DUI. It turns out, she had been convicted of driving under the influence just a month before she was crowned Miss Washington USA.

Keffeler Guilty for DUI: Court

Court records revealed that the 23-year-old Keffeler was found guilty for DUI in September 2015 and served two days in jail. According to police reports , she was hanging limply with both eyes red and watery when police first observed her. Seattle police added that two of her car tires were flat and that she was even struggling to respond normally. Her blood-alcohol measured 0.22 which was nearly three times over the legal limit.

Maureen Francisco, co – executive producer told NBC news that Keffeler failed to divulge the incident before and after the coronation which is a major breach in the pageant’s rules. It was agreed upon that each contestant should not be engaged in any illegal activities constituting probation, felony conviction, probation or violation involving moral depravity of any sort.

DUI Conviction Tipped by an email

Fransisco added that they only found about Keffeler’s DUI conviction from an anonymous email tip which led to the remorseful Miss Washington USA resigning voluntarily.

The USA organization confirmed Keffeler’s resignation through Francisco’s Facebook post stating that first runner up Kelsey Schmidt will take over the post of Miss Washington USA 2016. The organization also wished Keffeler good luck on her future endeavors and expressed that they are excited to see how she will turn herself around into something positive.

In an interview with KOMO, a local tv station, the emotional brunette beauty tearfully expressed her regrets saying that as much as she wanted to fight for the title until the end, she realized that it was time to step down.

After a meeting with the pageant organization and with her family, Keffeler said that “it may be a selfish to continue to fight to retain the title.” In the same interview, she asked for forgiveness from her fans and viewers.

Keffeler’s Remorse

Keffeler also expressed her remorse in a separate interview with ABC’s Good Morning America wherein she said that it is hard when a dream that you had, comes crashing down. She said that she learned her lesson the hard way and thus she is already a changed person and is willing to prove it.

Before joining the contest, Keffler who is a native of Monroe Washington was part of a team under the Legends Football League formed in 2009. The Seattle Mist team is known for its sexy players flaunting their flesh in undergarments. Her pageant profile on the other hand, states she is actually a journalism student aiming to be a sports reporter.

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