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So, What Would Happen if Trump did Grab her by the p***y in New York?

By now, everyone following this presidential election has heard the recorded 2005 conversation between Billy Bush and President-Elect Donald Trump. Among other things, Trump told Bush that as the result of his celebrity status he could grab a woman by her p***y if he so chose. While there have been no allegations that he ever actually did so, what would happen under New York law if he had?

Under New York state law, the crime President-Elect Donald Trump would most likely have been charged with is penal law 130.52, Forcible Touching, a misdemeanor. Forcible touching, as define in the New York State Penal Law, occurs when a person intentionally touches the intimate or sexual parts of another person for purposes of degradation or abuse of the victim or to satisfy the sexual desires of the perpetrator. An essential element of this crime is that this touching occurs without consent. Forcible touching can include squeezing, grabbing, pinching, rubbing, or body contact that applies pressure to the victim’s intimate parts.

Would the President-Elect Donald Trump have to register as a sex offender if he was convicted of this type of offense? The short answer is maybe. There are several factors that determine if this offense requires the defendant to register. (And if he did have to register, he would be required to stay on the registry for a minimum of twenty years.) He would be required to register if the victim were less than eighteen years of age or if this was not his first offense.

Although, President-Elect Donald Trump has denied these allegations and there has been no proof that these acts were committed just the mention of this type of behavior carries a stigma and can have long lasting effects. If you or someone you know has been accused of committing a crime, we can help. Call Team Green Lawyers at (315) 215-0517 and see the difference our experience can make.