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Hire Former Prosecutors as Your DWI Defense Lawyers

Are you trying to decide who you should hire as your DWI defenses lawyers? Before you make your decision consider the benefits of having former prosecutors defending you.

DWI Defense Lawyers

Why you need to hire former prosecutors as your DWI Defense Lawyers?

Former professional athletes make great coaches and sports commentators, why? Because they can see the game from multiple angles. Well the same is true for former prosecutors when they defend your case. I have told many client’s that being right is useless unless you convince the opposing party to agree with you. The large majority of criminal case are resolved through negotiations. A successful negotiation is almost never one sided. If your lawyer can see all sides of the case and understand the concerns of all the parties involved in the case that lawyer has the ability to address all the issues and increase your chances for a successful negotiation.

The former prosecutors at Team Green Lawyers have handles thousands of criminal cases from arrest to disposition. As a result the have an unparalleled understanding about the criminal justice process inside and outside of the courtroom. They are familiar with the entire process from gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, crime scene analysis, scientific tools for law enforcement, motions, hearing and sentencing alternatives. We know how the prosecutors are going to view the evidence in your case and we can anticipate what issues may come up . It means that we know if the evidence is compelling or weak.

The experience and knowledge that comes from having been a prosecutor is vital in defending those accused of committing a crime.

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