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Hire 5-Star Rated Criminal Defense Syracuse

What are your odds of going to jail for a crime you have committed in the Syracuse area? If you hire a 5-star rated criminal defense attorney, your chances of staying out of prison will improve.

Whatever your case may be, an experienced lawyer is on the front line to ensure that you get a fair shake from the system. Although the odds of staying out of prison will vary depending on your socioeconomic status, the outcome of your case will still rely on the charges and how strategically your lawyer defends you against those accusations.

A skilled defense attorney from Team Green Lawyers can help you counteract dubious tactics of prosecutors and turn those odds in your favor.

5-Star Rated Criminal Defense

Personalize strategy to hire a 5-Star Rated Criminal Defense Syracuse

The lawyers of Team Green Lawyers treat their client as a person. They take a hands-on approach with every client they work with to thoroughly understand their case. In this way, they can make a personalized legal strategy that is winnable.

The collateral consequences are real and outrageous. However, our lawyers take the time to learn those facts so they can develop and implement a legal strategy that is tailored to your needs so it will serve you best.

Are our lawyers aggressive?

They can be if needed. The key to winning a case is for the defense attorney to know when and how to become aggressive. When your attorney has a balanced approach of reasoned and calculated and being aggressive, your case will be a more meaningful negotiation, and you will receive better results.

When warranted, Team Green Lawyers can be aggressive criminal defense lawyers so they can be sure to provide positive results for their clients.

Unmatched Care

All of our lawyers pride themselves on our client service. We know that criminal charges can be stressful to people involved. For that reason, our lawyers will only give you the respect and attention that you need. It means that all emails and calls are answered as soon as possible.

As we work tirelessly to earn your trust, we will inform you of the developments of your case throughout the entire procedure.

Establishing a strong case against criminal charges

Being accused of a crime can negatively affect the defendants and their family. If you are accused of something, you may be thinking about the repercussions of a conviction, such as incarceration and fines.

Perhaps, you are concerned about how it will impact your life. Will it ruin your career? Will it affect your reputation?

The goal of Team Green Lawyers is to prevent a criminal charge from jeopardizing your future. Each member of the team has more than ten decades of criminal defense experience. With that in mind, they can seek the best possible outcome for your case.

What are the criminal charges that Team Green Lawyers can help you with?

Drunk driving is one of those criminal charges that our team can assist you with. As your defense attorney, Team Green Lawyers will make sure that your driver’s license will not be suspended.

Our 5-star rated lawyers will also prevent your crime from negatively affecting your career and reputation. They will work hard to resolve your case as quick as possible. But we will not sacrifice the results to achieve speed.

Protecting your rights is our number one goal. From the moment the police have pulled you over, proper procedures must have carried out or followed. They should have a reason for stopping you.

Our attorneys will make the police prove that they have indeed followed the procedure. Unfortunately, sometimes, the police must have done something incorrectly, thereby, violating your rights.

Team Green Lawyers is available to represent the people in Syracuse whenever they need in misdemeanor DWI cases and severe felony DUI cases. Our team can also handle related matters, like DMV and breath analyzer refusal hearings.

Whatever your position in society is, the attorneys of Team Green Lawyers are here to minimize the consequences of your arrest.

In addition to DUI case, Team Green Lawyers can also help you fight your right against traffic violations. You may think that beating traffic tickets can be impossible. Some people would pay fines and lose their points from their license, rather than fighting.

These people do not think that they have no choice, but they have. You have a choice, and you can fight traffic violates. When you hire a 5-star rated criminal defense attorney in Syracuse, you can win.

Whether it is speeding, reckless driving, driving while suspended or overweight trucks, our lawyers can stand by your side and help you fight traffic charges.

Team Green Lawyers are also experienced in defending against federal crimes. Federal charges are more serious than state charges. Thus, the sentences can be harsher. That said, you need an experienced lawyer in federal court to represent you.

A federal criminal charge will only start when a felony complaint is filed. After an arrest and detention hearing, the accused should make an initial appearance soon. During the federal detention hearing, several arguments are made. The judge conducting the hearing will consider the nature and consequences of the offense, as well as the weight of the evidence and the characteristics of the accused.

Team Green Lawyers will prove in court that you are not in danger to your community, and you are also not a flight risk.

Can Team Green Lawyers handle youthful offender cases?

Yes, they can. In Syracuse, individuals, who are between 16 and 18 years of age, are juvenile delinquents. Despite their age, they need to endure the stressful court system the same way as adults do. They are also subject to severe fines and penalties if they are convicted.

If your kid has been accused of a crime, you need to hire a 5-star rated criminal defense attorney in Syracuse who knows how to handle this kind of case. With decades of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, Team Green Lawyers know the different steps to take in protecting your child’s future and prevent the crime from negatively affecting his/her life.

A conviction can have an impact on your child’s life. Your child may be expelled from school or not be accepted at a good college or not getting a good job. These are not the only possibilities that your child may face in the future.

But Team Green Lawyers will work hard to make sure that your child’s future is still intact and protected.

Regardless of our client’s guilt or innocence, we take every step to ensure that our client’s constitutional rights are protected, and he/she is treated fairly. However, it does not mean that everything will go smoothly. But we will work hard to fight tooth and nail for our client.

We do not care whether you did it or not. Our main concern here is to beat the case or secure you with the least penal outcome. We protect and fight for our clients using available energy and resources.

Furthermore, we do not just accept the facts written in police reports. Instead, we work with a trained criminal investigator and conduct our own investigation. We will collect records, go to the scene if needed, talk to witnesses, etc.

The attorneys who will take your case are uniformly busy people. However, we will make sure that they meet and talk with you regularly. We believe that the best part of being in this industry is that we have built a professional relationship with our clients.

Do not let the charges tarnish your ability to live. Protect your rights. Hiring a 5-star rate criminal defense Syracuse lawyer who knows the complexities of criminal cases is your best option to save money and headaches. If you have criminal charges, Team Green Lawyers would like to help. For a free consultation, call us at (315) 215-0517.