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Experienced Cortland Defense Attorneys

If you have been charged with a crime you are best served by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney. If possible speak with at least one of the top defense attorneys in your area to gain a perspective and compare strategies. This is even more important if a jail or prison sentence is a possible outcome of the crime.

A good defense lawyer will analyze the case and review your possible defenses or equities to put you in the best position possible. When you go to court you need someone with the experience necessary to navigate through the allegations and get to the facts.

At Team Green Lawyers, you can hire an experienced lawyer who understands how the process work in Cortland criminal courts. We appear there regularly and understand the policies and procedures applicable to your case. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to get you the best result possible.

Each criminal case is different and only years of reviewing all the various facts, laws and type of evidence allow a lawyer to adequately analyze a criminal case. Justice is served when the laws are fairly applied and only an experienced criminal defense attorney can ensure that happens.

The lawyers at Team Green Lawyers know what it takes to be a top Cortland defense attorney. We have the experience and knowledge to deal with the prosecutors and the court to try and obtain a reduced charges or lesser sentence. Our lawyers can also formulate sentencing options or programs that are tailored to your specific needs and present them to the Court and the prosecutor as alternatives to jail or prison.

We can help defendants cope with the feelings of embarrassment and the emotional roller coaster that can occur when someone has been arrested. Our attorneys will provide a comprehensive review of your situation and explain the reality of what you are facing. Then they will come up will a plan to not only face the problems but to solve them and get the best outcome possible.

Defense Attorneys

What are the benefits of hiring a top Cortland defense attorneys?

A top criminal defense attorney can protect your rights, create a strong case and support you legally, professionally and personally. Our lawyers will be there for you from the moment you call our office doing everything that can be done to get the best result possible.

Why does experience matters in defending DWI, criminal charges and traffic tickets?

There are so many variables and details that are involved in every case. The only way to fully understand these issues is to have dealt with them before. OUr law firm is dedicated to helping those accused of criminal charges, DWI or other traffic offenses.

Don’t all lawyers handle cases the same way?

No. The truth is like in every profession you will find vast differences between lawyers. At Team Green Lawyers we recognize that every case we handle requires a unique approach and strategy. We will review all the facts and design a plan for your case.

How much time do I have?

I have explained to many clients that the prosecutor and the judge start reviewing your case and making decisions the moment your file hits their desk. As a result, the sooner you get an experienced lawyer advocating for you the better. Our defense attorneys are available when you need them and they will take prompt action to help you.

Financial considerations:

You may think that it is ironic to gain financial advantages in the long run when you hire a defense attorney. After all, hiring a good lawyer is expensive. However, hiring a lawyer who knows how to protect you rights and minimize the penalties you face may save you more money than it cost to hire the lawyer. Aside from just dollars and sense, an experienced lawyer may be able to resolve your case quickly and save you time and the difficulties associated with repeated court appearances.

Attorney and Counselor at law:

Our defense attorneys do more than just deal with the criminal charges. We will not just defend your case, but we can also give you the moral and emotional support that you and your family may need. Criminal charges can be overwhelming with emotions, depression, anxiety, and shame. A lawyer who concentrates on criminal defense can provide examples and explain that you are not alone in this situation. While our attorneys handle your case, they will help you cope with the emotions associated with being accused of a crime. If you need professional help, they may bring in professionals to ensure that you are going to be okay during the pendency of your case and well into the future.

When to hire a defense attorney?

It is always a good idea to hire a defense attorney as soon as you have been accused of a crime or you suspect that the police may want to speak to you about a crime. Your guilt or innocence is irrelevant to determining whether you need a lawyer. Every person who is going to be questioned by a member of law enforcement should consult with a top criminal defense attorney before they speak to anyone.

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming and daunting but we can assist you in going through the process. Give us a call so we can explain how we can help (315) 215-0517.