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Ticket Violations Haunt MMA fighter Jon Jones

A probation violation landed former UFC light heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones behind bars. This report was first seen on TMZ as taken from the Bernalillo County Metro Detention Center website. He was arrested by officers from Probation and Parole and was admitted at the Metropolitan detention center.

Jones was asked to pull over in Albuquerque, New Mexico on March 24, Thursday and was given five tickets accusing him of drag racing, exhibition driving, unable to maintain a traffic lane, not properly displaying his license plate and remodeling his exhaust pipe as reported by the Albuquerque police.

In fact, police officers were able to record a video showing the intense argument between Jones and the officers. The video was released on Monday. In the video a hyped Jones is heard and seen cursing the arresting officers. There was a scene wherein Jones brutally called the officers a f*cking liar and a pig.

Jones turned himself to police custody

In an interview conducted by Ariel Helwani of the MMA Hour, Jones contested that he did not do anything wrong. Surprisingly, he turned himself to police custody Tuesday Morning at 10 AM.

The incident would have not led to his instant arrest if not for a preceding violation incurred by Jones. Prior to this incident, Jones was involved in a hit and run accident which happened in April which resulted in a broken arm for a pregnant woman involved in the accident. Judge Charles Brown of the Second Judicial District Court granted a conditional bail after pleading guilty on September. He was subsequently given up to 18 months of supervised probation,72 hours of community service and was prohibited to break any laws in order for his felony to be cleared.

Old cases resurfaced

His positive drug test for cocaine on 2014 also resurfaced as recalled by his UFC competitor Daniel Cormier. Aside from that, Jones was given a ticket in January for not having a license as well as no registration and no proof of insurance while he was driving. This incident however, did not affect his probation. UFC is already aware of the incident and said that they have no further comment until the organization has had appropriate time to collect all the needed information. Meanwhile, EAG Sports representing Jon, issued a statement stating that Jon and his team are taking the issue seriously. They also added that they are confident of Jon’s release once he has a chance to explain himself in court.

UFC strip Jones of title

The UFC athlete was scheduled for a fight against Daniel Cormier for the light heavyweight title at UFC 197 in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena, but he failed yet another drug test. UFC took the title of the 28-year-old Jones April last year due to his involvement in the hit-and-run.

When Cornier was asked about his remarks on the case, a representative from Zinkin Sports said that the UFC fighter has no comment as he is giving his full attention on training and preparing for his forthcoming fight.

Jones was stripped of the belt by the UFC in April 2015 after the hit-and-run arrest. It’s unclear if the upcoming fight will remain intact given Jones’ situation.

Aside from the apparent untimely imploding of this world class fighter, there is a something to be taken from this story. Your mistakes will definitely become bigger problems if you don’t handle them correctly. Unfortunately, this type of thing happens every day for people throughout Central New York and the rest of the country. We all make mistakes and get into an accident or receive a traffic. However, if we ignore the consequences of our mistakes they grow and can lead to significant legal problems.

Failing to handle a simple traffic ticket will result in your license or privilege to drive being suspended making it a criminal offense for you to drive! Failing to abide by the terms of your release or probation, as Jones did, will almost certainly result in the revocation of your release and the enhancement of your punishment.

If you’ve made a mistake and find yourself headed to court find an experienced criminal defense lawyer and let them help you. Call Team Green Lawyers at (315) 215-0517 and let us explain how we can help you. You need an experienced legal team to curb the residual damage from incidents you are charged for.


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