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Our Top 5 Reasons Not to Ignore a Traffic Ticket

Almost everyone at one time in their life has received (or will receive) a traffic ticket – whether it was for driving over the speed limit, for “almost” stopping at that stop sign, or for passing through that red light that you were certain was still yellow. Maybe you received a ticket while you were traveling out of town on business or while on vacation. As inconvenient and irritating as this can be, and although a ticket (or “traffic infraction”) is a non-criminal offense, it is something that should neither be ignored nor put off for another day. A traffic ticket simply does not go away by itself.

If you do make the decision to “forget” about your ticket for 45 in a 30 or your California stop at the corner, you should be aware of the consequences that are waiting for you. Here are our top five reasons why you shouldn’t ignore a traffic ticket.

Top 5 Reasons Not to Ignore a Traffic Ticket

1) License Suspension: Failure to respond to your traffic ticket can (and will) result in having your driver’s license suspended. If you are able to reinstate your license, you will have to pay a suspension lift fee to the court of $70 PER TICKET. Picked up two tickets – one for speeding and one for texting? That’s $140 right there.

2) From Ticket to Misdemeanor: Operating a car with a suspended driver’s license is a misdemeanor. So, if you are stopped by a police officer while friving with a suspended license, not only will you still have to address your original ticket, but you will now be charged with the more serious offense of Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle 3rd Degree, known as an “AUO 3rd”.

3) Towing and Impounding Fees (it all adds up): An AUO 3rd carries a fine of between $200 and $500, up to 30 days in jail, or both! In addition, if you are stopped by a police officer and charged with an AUO 3rd, you could be placed under arrest and taken into custody. If there is no one to drive your car, it may be towed and impounded. In this case, you’ll have to shell out roughly $100 – $120 for the tow as well as the impound fee (somewhere around $125 for the first day as each impound lot charges differently). If you’re unable to pick up your vehicle within 24 hours, the impound lot will charge you PER DAY until it’s removed from their lot (normally between $60 and $85 per day). This means you’re looking at at least $225 for one tow and one day impound to upwards of $625 for a work week!

4) Mo Tickets, Mo Problems: To add to your problems, if your original ignored traffic ticket and your AUO 3rd were issued in different counties or states, you will need to deal with two different Courts and two different prosecurot’s offices in order to resolve your problems.

5) Let’s Not Forget Your Car Insurance: Even when you respond to a ticket, your insurance is notified and your premiums may rise. A forgotten or ignored ticket that reaches its peak of delinquency will certainly affect your insurance negatively. This means more cash out of your pocket and for a much longer time.

Do Not Ignore Your Traffic Ticket

So, the short version of our recommendation is that if you are ever issued a traffic ticket (even if it’s out of state), DO NOT IGNORE IT! In most cases we can negotiate your ticket down to a lesser charge (which means lower fines and points – if any – on you license) and if charged with an AUO 3rd, a traffic attorney can also help you with your license suspension issues. Don’t let something as simple as a traffic ticket complicate your life.

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